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Although the CCU offers basic functionality automatically, there is extended functionality with operator control via a PC. Specially developed Bosch Congress Control Software is easy to install and gives precise control over the Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System.

Highly user-friendly, the discussion unit icons of the synoptic control interface are easily assigned to various operating functions. Operators can view on/off status of each unit, the indentity of the its user, and many other key properties. The software has a Windows look and feel and allows on-the-spot coverage testing to see if all the units are correctly receiving the signal. If voting units are used, results can be shown on a large display screen and logged if desired.

The software is optimised for touch screens and features a multi-lingual graphical user interface (GUI). If the PC fails, the CCU will rvert to a default operation enabling the conference proceedings to continue.

Bosch DCN-SWSMV Synoptic Microphone and Voting Software

  • Synoptic room overview for monitoring and controlling the microphones
  • Voting control with individual results
  • Real-time voting results displayed in Microsoft PowerPoint™
  • On-screen help in many languages

The DCN-SWSMV Synoptic Microphone and Voting Software provides a range of conference facilities when used in combination with a DCN Wireless or DCN Next Generation system. The available functions include automatic seat assignment, synoptic microphone monitoring and control, and voting management. For full details please download the PDF datasheet below.


Bosch DCN-SWSMV synoptic microphone and voting software - Datasheet EN FR DE ES NL IT PT HU RU

Bosch DCN-SWACC Standalone Automatic Camera Control

  • On screen Pan, Tilt and zoom control
  • Supports Windows 7
  • For use with DCN Next Generation and DCN Wireless Discussion Systems
  • Print out of configuration setting
  • On screen help facility


Bosch DCN-SWACC Standalone Automatic Camera Control Datasheet EN FR DE ES NL IT PT HU RU

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