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Bosch DCN wireless battery packs

Simple battery maintenance is essential for a wireless system.

The Bosch DCN Wireless System ensures that battery power is available where needed. Discussion units use lithium-ion batteries with little or no charge degradation during their long life. A fully charged battery lasts approximately 20 hours, which is far longer than most meetings or conferences. Batteries have a short recharge time - as little as a few hours - and only the battery packs need to be removed; the discussion units can remain in place.

Furthermore, each unit has a patent-pending 'sleep mode' to conserve power consumption during longer breaks. And with the remote overview available via the Congress Control Software, an administrator can view the power consumption status of all active discussion units.

Bosch DCN-WLIION-D Battery Pack for wireless discussion units

  • Long service life without charge degradation
  • 20 hours typical use from a full charge
  • Fully recharges in 3 hours
  • Built-in microprocessor controls charging cycle

This rechargeable battery is the power source of the wireless discussion units. The battery is a high capacity Lithium-ion type, capable of providing up to 20 hours typical use from a full charge. Fully charging the DCN-WLIION from empty takes just 3 hours. Lithium-ion cells avoid the charge degradation issues associated with other rechargeable battery types. For full information please download the Datasheet below.


Bosch DCN-WLLION-D Battery Pack for wireless discussion units - Datasheet EN FR DE ES NL IT PT HU RU

Bosch DCN-WCH05 Charger for 5 Battery Packs

  • Simultaneous charging of up to 5 battery packs
  • Recharges from empty in 3 hours
  • Loop-through mains connector
  • Auto-ranging PSU, 100 – 240 VAC

This unit can simultaneously re-charge up to 5 DCN-WLIION battery packs. The charging status of each pack is shown on individual charge capacity indicator LEDs. The unit is suitable for tabletop use, or can be wall-mounted. The loop-through mains voltage connector allows a maximum number of charging units to be connected in series to share from the same mains outlet. For full information please download the PDF Datasheet below.


Bosch DCN-WCH05 charger for 5 battery packs - Datasheet EN FR DE ES NL IT PT HU RU

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