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Bosch DCN wireless central control units

The Bosch Wireless Central Control Unit (CCU) is the heart of the congress management system. The CCU can operate stand-alone to provide automatic conference control, or be administered by an operator via a PC if more extensive management is required. All Accuses can control up to 150 discussion units (such as delegate and chairman units) and up to 93 Interpreter desks.

Fully automatic conference proceedings

In basic mode, the CCU automatically manages conference proceedings and does not require operator control. It provides basic microphone management, simultaneous interpretation with up to 32 high-quality audio channels including floor and voting facilities. This effectively allows unsupervised control of even large, international conferences.

Operator control via a PC

Although the CCU offers basic functionality automatically, there is extended functionality with operator control via a PC. Specially developed Bosch Congress Control Software is easy to install and gives precise control over the Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System. Highly user-friendly, the discussion unit icons of the synoptic control interface are easily assigned to various operating functions. See DCN software for more information.

Bosch DCN Wireless Access Point - DCN-WAP

  • Compact and elegant (iF design award winner 2006)
  • Single cable for power and communication
  • ountable on ceiling, wall, or floor stand for best reception
  • Secure, digitally protected, wireless communication

The DCN Wireless Access Point (WAP) links the central control unit (WCCU) and the wireless discussion units. To ensure security, data exchange between the WAPs and the wireless discussion units is digitally protected. The WAP is linked to the WCCU using Bosch's proprietary optical network, which provides digital optical communication and power supply over a single cable. For full technical information please download the datasheet below.


Bosch DCN Wireless Access Point DCN-WAP - Datasheet EN FR DE ES NL IT PT HU RU

Bosch DCN Wireless Central Control Unit - DCN-CCU2

  • Optical network interface for easy connection
  • Single branch or redundant loop networks
  • Control up to 245 wireless discussion units
  • Additional control for up to 245 Bosch Wired Devices
  • LAN port for PC and camera control

The DCN-CCU2 is the brain of the DCN Wireless system. It provides control for up to 245 wireless discussion units and 245 wired units. The CCU2 uses Bosch's proprietary optical network for easy connection to the wireless access point and other Bosch congress equipment. Networks can be setup in single branch or redundant loop configurations, depending on the installed equipment. For full technical information please download the datasheet below.


Bosch DCN Wireless Control Unit DCN-CCU2 - Datasheet EN FR DE ES NL IT PT HU RU

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